Music Business Project


Welcome to the music business. You need to make money to live and this project will teach you how to be successful in real life. You selected or had a group selected for you. You may not switch teams or types of teams. Follow the team link below to get instructions for today. If you have any questions, email them to for a quick response. If you want to work ahead, you may do so!


Artist Team

Venue Team

  1. Thursday, May 11th – Phase 1 DUE
    1. This portion of the assignment needs to be complete by May 11th. You will submit your logo and your song lyrics or venue design. Song teams will work to develop chords and a track during phase 2.
  2. Friday, May 12th – Phase 2 Begins
    1. Over the course of this project, you will need to send 3 booking emails to Begin this process on Friday. Examples of a booking email can be found HERE.
  3. Tuesday, May 16th – Phase 2 Due & Phase 3 Begins
    1. Phase 2 emails need to be confirmed by this date. You will create your show poster this day. It needs to be hung in the classroom by Wednesday, May 17th.
  4. Thursday, May 18th – Performance Day
    1. All groups need to be ready to perform. The final product will be the performance of your song or the hosting of each artist team.
  5. Friday, May 19th – Performance by ABE PARKER