Chorus Fundraiser

Each year, we do a fundraiser in order to purchase new music and technology for our classroom. This page is designed to walk you through how to do your part for the choir! Please email if you have any questions!

Step 1: Get your packet information filled out and make a plan. Parents need to collect the funds for cheesecakes and then write one check or money order made out to Barber Middle School.fundraising-sales-envelope

Step 2: Who are you going to sell to?? You need to sell to people you know – make a list on this page of all the people you know who might buy a cheesecake if you ask.fundraising-sales-envelope-back

Step 3: Take down your orders on the back of the order catalog – there are great pictures of the delicious food options inside! Make sure you use numbers and not tallies to keep track of orders. fundraising-order-catalog

Step 4: The last step is to complete the “Complete And Final Fundraising Order Form”. Tally up the vertical columns on the catalog order sheet and put the total number of items ordered next to the items on this page. Then fill in the “total items sold” & “total amount due”. Signature is required to verify the order and signature is required to pick up. Parents need to collect money for orders and write one check for the total amount to Barber Middle School.complete-and-final-fundraising-order-form