Today we rehearsed our May concert music in class. Testing is almost complete at Barber and we are all excited for the Disney trip next week! Remember the mandatory Disney parent meeting on Thursday, 4/27 at 7pm. 



Today, we attended an assembly called “future Friday”. High school was discussed and a Q & A with North Cobb high school students concluded the assembly.


Today 8th grade continued work on Disney and May concert repertoire. 6th and 7th continued work on May concert repertoire as well. We discussed in 6th how it is important to act mature – The more mature students behave, the less the teacher has to make decisions for the student.

March 23, 2017

Great day today!

8M: Sang through What A Wonderful World. Started working on Over The Rainbow. 

8W: Solid progress on A Thousand Years. Use the rehearsal track at home too to improve your own personal part (or sing the melody 😜).

7th Men and Women: Made progress on Some Nights and listened through We Are The World.

6th: Sang through Do Re Mi and some of Colors of the Wind. 

February 13th, 2017

Today students completed a variety of things… 

8th Men – Sang past years LGPE sight reading examples and refined their articulations Laudate Dominum. 

8th Women – Completed individual sight reading and connected pre and post key change in the Tiger. 

7th Men – Sight read an example on the board and cleaned up the rhythms in A Rap on the Futility of War. Put A LOT of character into “Get on Board: Medley”.

7th Women – Sight read an example on the board and completed the last unknown section of I Am Being Woven. We can now sing all the way through the entire song. Sing for Joy was much bouncier – we sang it on PAWHM instead of the words… it was different. 

6th Grade – We sight read an example on the board. Learned what 16th notes are. Our music is coming along great – working on balance and blend as well as telling the story of each song. 

BMS HONOR CHOIR – We met after school and learned more about our diaphragm and how to engage it successfully while singing. It is a work in progress, but once you understand how to engage it, you will be UNSTOPPABLE!